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The Trans-Validation Station service. Text below described service.

A Note from the Utah Pride Center

The Utah Pride Center neither supports or endorses this service or the text messages that they send. If you have issues with the service, please see below in the “FAQ” section.


Examples (image)

Examples of texts from this service.
Description: An image of a smartphone displaying two sample text messages from Validation Station:
“So no one told you life was gonna be this way? Don’t worry. We’re your FRIENDS and we love, support, and cherish you. Quack!”
“Hey! Here’s a fun fact: Sharks don’t have bones (bit like that person who keeps mis-gendering you..) but we know the truth. We have the bones!”



Please send all media enquiries, support requests, or comments and suggestions by email to:   [email protected].



Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes! You can view our privacy policy by clicking here.


How do I unsubscribe?

You can remove yourself from our database by replying with STOP to any text message you have recieved from The Validation Station.

Because we operate an international service and carriers around the world differ in policy and features, some users may occasionally find that sending STOP gives them an error.

If this happens, please email   [email protected] and you will be removed from the database within 24 hours.

Your information, including that email, will then be erased.


If I have unsubscribed, can I sign up again?

Yes! Just head to the homepage at and sign up again any time!


How is The Validation Station funded?

The team behind The Validation Station paid all the initial costs themselves, and the ongoing running of the service is kindly covered by Vonage.


Who created The Validation Station?

The website, backend code, marketing, and project in its entirety was created by Jacob, Kes, and Grace, with support from Kevin at Vonage. Say hi to them on Twitter!

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