Gender Conference Presenters

We want to hear your message! Apply today to present, exhibit or participate in the Genderevolution Conference.

Here are a few possible audiences you can build workshops for:

Trans*: Provide practical information, tools, tips, etc. for Trans identified folks. Some ideas are: Voice coaching, Legally changing your name and gender in Utah, safe sex, etc.

General Audience: Provide practical and theoretical information for allies, partners, families, employers, students, etc on trans* identities and gender non-conforming issues. Ideas include: Gender non-conforming in the media, Trans 101, Trans in the Family, Privilege, Raising Transgender, Gender Noncomforming and/or Intersex Youth, Gender Diversity through time and around the world.

Youth Track: Provide practical and theoretical information aimed for youth. Ideas include: Trans* History, Coming Out to your Parents & Families, Support for Trans youth.

All presentations should take an intersectional/holistic approach, taking into account more than one identity/issue. For example, if you want to present a workshop on make-up application, take into account the different types of skin, and skin tones, or if you would like to present on HRT, please consider other issues, like accessibility (ordering HRT online) the uninsured. Focus on Age, race, SES, National origin, etc. With these identities in mind, frame your presentation.

You will have 70 minutes to present.

Presenters do not need to pay registration fee.

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