Gender Conference 2014

Utah Pride is proud to announce TransAction's Genderevolution Conference & Transgender Education Awareness Month Events

November, 2014

GEsquareTransgender Education Awareness Month Events:
Join us throughout the month as we bring awareness to Trans issues through fun, educational, artistic and community oriented events! Stay tuned for a full list of events.

Genderevolution 2014: Gender Uprising - November 15th

Where: Rowland Hall - 843 Lincoln Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Genderevolution (TransAction's Annual Gender Conference) is the pinnacle event of a month full of trans-awareness events throughout the trans* and larger community. This year's theme is Community Building Community. Online registration will be announced.

The purpose of the Genderevolution is to:

  • Foster community building among trans* folk and allies alike, to help create a strong and safe space to push gender boundaries in the Salt Lake City area.
  • Educate employees, cisgender/non-trans* folk, trans*/non-cisgender folk, health and mental care providers, and allies about the myths and realities of gender.
  • Celebrate trans* identities in an inclusive, healthy and positive way.

PatManuelTransAction is proud to host a nationally renowned speaker for the conference. The speaker garners national recognition and will attract participants from all across Utah and surrounding states. Utah will welcome:

Pat Manuel.

This year’s theme: Gender Uprising

At the 6th Annual Gender Conference, we aim to deconstruct gender mythology, explore the implications of socially constructed gender norms, and integrate our many intersecting identities.

We are all members of various communities, how do these memberships affect each other? How does our experience with gender intersect with our experience of race? Of class or sexuality or relationship styles? How about religion, physical dis/ability, or political ideology? Maybe we won’t find clear answers to these questions, but in asking them perhaps we can come to understand ourselves—and each other—just a little better.

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a Kids Like Me Day Camp, in partnership with TEA of Utah, FREE for children potty trained and older. The Day Camp will include fun gender inclusive activities like painting, story time, art projects, games and movies. You can register kids for the Camp when you register for the conference. If you have any questions or concern, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We are also excited to welcome our partners in the community who will have a presence at the conference:

  • Transgender Education Advocates (TEA) of Utah
  • Royal Court of the GOlden Spike Empire
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Salt City Femmes
  • Trans* Utah
  • University of Utah QSA
  • Westminster College

There will also be merchants with products to sell and much more!

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